March 6, 2016

M4 HS Tractor

The M4 High Speed Tractor was an artillery tractor used by the American Army in WW II. It entered service in 1943, weighted 14.2 t and it was armed with an M2 HB machine gun. It could reach the speed of 35 mph.

“Long Tom” artillery and M4 Tractor
1. M4 HS Tractor towing an 155mm gun.

M4 Tractor with 90-mm ammo box
2. M4 Tractor with 90-mm ammo boxes. Two types of ammo boxed were used:
a 90mm box (for A/A guns) and a combination bos for 155mm-203mm-240mm shells.

M4 Tractor towing a captured German 88mm gun
3. M4 Tractor towing a captured German 88mm gun.

Rear view of M4 Tractor
4. Rear view of the M4 Tractor.

Museum Wings of Liberation in Netherlands
5. At the Museum “Wings of Liberation” (Bevrijdende Vleugels) in Netherlands.

The driver’s cabin
6. The driver’s cabin.

8-inch High Explosive M106 Shells
7. 8-inch High Explosive M106 shells placed inside an M4 Tractor.

The second day of the Anzio harbor invasion in Italy. 
US artillerymen set up a 155mm gun under a camouflaged net. 
A Tractor tows another 155mm gun. Date: January 23, 1944.

U.S. forces loading on ships in England for the invasion of Normandy. 
M4 Tractor pulls a 90mm anti-aircraft gun on the dock and boards the LST. 
Location: Portland Head England. Date: June 2, 1944.

“Long Tom” artillery and M4 Tractor at the 
Museum of American Armor in Long Island.

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