February 1, 2016

Arco dei Fileni

The “Arco dei Fileni” (Marble Arch) was a triumphal arc which straddled the “Littorinea Libica” road renamed the “Via Balbia” in honor of Marshal Italo Balbo who died on June 28, 1940. The Arch was erected to celebrate earlier Italian victories in North Africa.

1. Curtiss Kittyhawks fly into Marble Arch landing ground, past the Arco dei Fileni.

A Panzer III Ausf. H having passed the Arch
2. A Panzer III Ausf. H having passed the Arch. On the frontal armor plating 
it bears the tactical insignia of the 3rd Panzer-Division.The Panzer III 
is followed by the light Platoon of the 2nd Battalion/Panzer-Regiment 5.

The “Marble Arch” was located close to Ra’s Lanuf
3. The “Marble Arch” was located close to the town of Ra’s Lanuf.
The Arch was demolished by Muammar Gaddafi.

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