November 17, 2015


The M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage was a self-propelled antiaircraft gun, with four machine guns (.50’’ M2 HB Browning) being mounted on a Maxson turret (M45 Quadmount). 

1. An M16 MGMC during the fight for Saint-Lô.

Four .50’’ M2 Brownings mounted on a Maxson turret (M45 Quadmount)
2. A close up of the Maxson turret. This M16 MGMC is on display at the
Marshallmuseum – Liberty Park – Oorlogsmuseum Overloon, the Netherlands.

Photos attribution
1. US Army Signal Corps (Coast Artillery Journal, 1945), via Wikimedia Commons
2. AlfvanBeem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons