May 15, 2015


Adalbert Schulz
Adalbert Schulz as an Oberstleutnant,
CO of Panzer-Regiment 25.
He is wearing a custom tailored 

tunic made from camo material.
Adelbert Schulz was born on December 20, 1903. On October 1, 1935 he became a first lieutenant in the expanded German army. Later he served as a company commander in Panzer-Regiment 25. During the French Campaign he served under Rommel and was awarded the Knight’s Cross. On June 6, 1940 he took command of the first battalion of Panzer-Regiment 25 and on March 5, 1943 he was promoted to command the Regiment.

Schulz was awarded the Diamonds to his Knight’s Cross on December 14, 1943, for the following action. 

The 7th Panzer-Division was in the Kiev area. The Division’s infantry regiments were defensively deployed while Schulz’s panzer-regiment was held in reserve. Word came that Soviet infantry was attacking. Schulz counterattacked, sending his 1st Panzer-Battalion to attack the flank of the Soviets. The counterattack was successful but sixty enemy tanks appeared. They were T-34s and KV-85s. Schulz faced the new threat with his 2nd Panzer-Battalion. The Soviet tanks were outflanked, surprised and ultimately they were all destroyed. Schulz decided to exploit the success and sent his tanks as far as the positions of the enemy artillery. While the German tanks were shooting up artillery guns and rocket batteries, the Soviets moved their armor to encircle Schulz’s Panzer-Regiment. The Germans had to fight their way back to their own lines, destroying 150 enemy tanks in the process.

Generalmajor Adelbert Schulz met his fate on January 28, 1944, when he was hit by artillery shrapnel in the head.

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Photo attribution
Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-022-2922-10/Kipper/CC BY-SA 3.0 de, via Wikimedia Commons