April 29, 2015

Renault UE Chenillette

The Renault UE Chenillette was a French light armored carrier, which was used for towing and supplying light cannons and mortars. 

A captured Chenillette
A captured Chenillette in France in 1940.

A Chenillette unloaded from a Me 323 “Gigant”
2. A Chenillette unloaded from a Me 323 “Gigant” in Tunisia in January 1943.

Renault UE Chenillette
3. At Saumur Armour Museum.

Renault UE Chenillette
4. At Musée de l’ Armée in Paris.

Rear view of a captured Chenillette
5. Rear view of a captured Chenillette.

The driver’s cabin
6. The driver’s cabin.

With a tracked trailer
7. A Chenillette with a tracked trailer.

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