October 13, 2014

T-28 and T28: One name – two tanks!

The Soviet T-28

Production of the T-28. The T-28 was a multi-turreted tank of the early thirties.
It was armed with a 76,2 mm cannon and 4-5 machine guns. 

2. T-28s on parade. USSR sometime in the 1930s.

3. A T-28 captured by the Finnish army. 

4. A T-28 on display at Finnish Tank Museum in Parola.

The U.S. T28

5. The 95 tons T28 was designed for breaching heavy fortifications. It was never produced. 
One prototype survive to this day and is displayed 
at the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor in Kentucky.

6. T28 rear view.

7. The Super Heavy T28 was armed with a 105mm gun.

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