September 13, 2014

The Sangro Front

General Montgomery stops to offer cigarettes to a Sherman crew

General Montgomery, commander of the Eighth Army, stops to offer cigarettes to a Sherman crew, digging out their bogged tank. The date is 21 November 1943 and Montgomery is visiting the Sangro front. The Sangro is a river in central Italy, south of Rome. In late 1943 the eastern part of the German Gustav Line was anchored on the Sangro. The Eighth Army crossed the Sangro on 23 November 1943.

German defensive lines

An aerial photograph of the Sangro River
3. An aerial reconnaissance photograph of the Sangro River.

Montgomery officially opens the Bailey bridge over the Sangro river
4. General Montgomery cuts the tape to officially open the Bailey bridge 
constructed over the Sangro river on 14 December 1943.

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