August 5, 2014

Sherman “Calliope”

Sherman Calliope

Sherman Calliope was a Sherman tank fitted with the T34 “Calliope” multiple rocket launcher. The T34 rocket launcher was named after the musical instrument “Calliope”, which also had lined pipes. 

Sherman Calliope appeared for the first time in France with the 2nd Armored Division. The T34E2 variant could launch sixty 183mm (7,2’’) rockets in half a minute, providing an impressive volume of fire. On the other hand “Calliope” was not very accurate and should be considered an area weapon.

The T37 7.2’’ High Explosive rocket
2. The T37 7.2’’ High Explosive rocket.

Another variant of the Sherman Calliope was the T40 (M17) Whiz Bang. It fired twenty 183mm rockets. It was used by US forces and the French 5th Armored Division.

Calliope, the steam car of the muses
3. Calliope, the steam car of the muses!

Sherman Calliope

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