June 10, 2014


PATRIOT missile battery

Morąg is a town, located in northern Poland. The place was inhabited for many centuries. The Old Prussian settlement that existed there was razed to the ground by the Teutonic Knights. A new town was built by the Knights under the name of Mohrungen.   

During the Polish Campaign Mohrungen was chosen to accommodate the Headquarters of the German Third Army, deployed in East Prussia. The Third Army, commanded by General der Artillerie Georg von Küchler, had the mission to force the crossings of the Narew and Bug Rivers, isolate Warsaw from the east and join hands with the Tenth Army, which was forming the southern jaw. The Third Army contained only one Panzer Division. Panzer-Division “Kempf”, an ad-hoc unit named after its commander, despite initial losses managed to cross the Narew River on 5 September, thus penetrating Poland’s main defensive line from the north.

Nowadays Morąg is the home of a U.S. PATRIOT missile battery.

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Photo attribution
Lawree Roscoe Washington Jr., U.S. Army, via Wikimedia Commons

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