February 9, 2014

A Polish Tank Ace

The Polish Armored Force

The Polish 7TP light tank.
The Polish 7TP light tank.

 When war came upon Poland, the Polish Army had a significant number of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) though most of them were unsuitable for tank vs tank combat. 

February 7, 2014

Villers-Bocage, the Anatomy of a Legend

General Situation

SS-OberstGruppenführer Josef  “Sepp” Dietrich
SS-OberstGruppenführer Josef 
“Sepp” Dietrich in Normandy.

On June 6, 1944 the Allies landed in Normandy. The US First Army on the right and the British Second Army on the left. The Second Army, according to Montgomery’s plan, ought to have reached the line Bayeux - Caen - Troran by the end of D-Day. It failed to do so. A stalemate developed just north of Caen. An opportunity arose when 352.Infanterie-Division was forced to withdraw under the pressure of U.S. 1st Infantry Division, exposing the western flank of I.SS-Panzerkorps. The gap was screened by Panzer-Lehr's reconnaissance battalion, as an emergency measure. The 2nd Panzer-Division and the 3rd Fallscirmjäger-Division were supposed to seal the gap between LXXXIV Armeekorps and I.SS- Panzerkorps, but not before the 15th of June. I.SS- Panzerkorps was in mortal danger.